Dr John may be a petfood range from Gilbertson & Page Ltd, a family company that has been making tasty petfood since 1873. The business may be a market leader within the field of canine nutrition, with high values and standards that saw them awarded the Royal Warrant in 1884, something they need upheld to this day.

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Using only the very best quality ingredients in each of their petfood varieties, Dr John has extensively researched what dogs require at different stages of life so as to remain healthy and active. Designing nutritionally complete foods in grain free and hypoallergenic recipes are only one thanks to take care of sensitive tummies, whilst others specialise in providing a slow release energy which will keep your dog active all day long.

Here are just a few of the tasty dog foods that Dr John has got to offer.

It has been proven that grain free diets are incredibly beneficial to dogs, especially those that have sensitive tummies. Grain free recipes are easier to digest, prevent any bloating and therefore the uncomfortable feeling which will sometimes prevent dogs from being as active as they ought to be.

This delicious mixture contains 50% chicken as a superb source of protein, combined with essential oils and fats which will keep your dog healthier for extended . this is often particularly beneficial for sport and dealing dogs, taking them through their adult and senior life with many energy and vigour.

Dr John Hypoallergenic Chicken with Oats

This is the right complete petfood for those that have allergies to certain food ingredients, like wheat. believing sensitive tummies quite a typical petfood , it’ll be easier to digest and can work to stop flare ups of skin conditions which will be uncomfortable and sore.

A tasty recipe which will tend dry or wet, your dog will receive all the nutrition they have to stay healthy, strong and active.

Dr John Puppy Food Chicken Recipe for Working Dogs

Perfect for puppies of working and sporting breeds, Dr John’s puppy food may be a complete and balanced recipe that contains 27% protein and 15% fat.

Featuring a mixture of omega 3 and 6 fish oils, combined with 50% chicken content, this meal will leave your dog feeling fuller for extended with higher energy levels and powerful growth during the first stages of life.

Dr John Silver Beef Dry dog Food

This delicious petfood will provide a lighter maintenance diet for working dogs, crammed with slow energy releasing ingredients which will keep them feeling fuller for extended .

The blend is formed with wholegrain cereals which are easily palatable, helping to stay your dog healthy and active throughout their adult years.

Dr John Titanium Dry dog Food

Hard working dogs require a diet which will keep them filled with energy to permit them to stay active. This tasty recipe is higher in protein and fat than standard adult petfood , containing ingredients which will help to take care of strong joints and tendons.

The nutritious food is suitable for working adult and junior dogs, with many vitamins and minerals which will keep your dog in overall fitness and health.

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