Global warming could trigger nuclear war, financial crisis or extinction-level pandemic by 2070

With global temperatures continuing to rise, a new study has warned that we are inching dangerously close to a ‘climate endgame’. Researchers from the University of Cambridge claim that global heating could trigger nuclear war, financial crisis or an extinction-level pandemic as soon as 2070. Based on their findings, the researchers are calling for authorities … Read more

Humans settled in North America 17,000 years EARLIER than previously believed, study finds

Bones of an adult mammoth and her calf have been uncovered at a 37,000-year-old butchering site in New Mexico, which suggest humans settled in North America 17,000 years than previously believed. A team of scientists, led by The University of Texas at Austin, extracted collagen from the bones, allowing them to carbon date the settled … Read more

Europe’s last pandas were giant weaklings who couldn’t even eat bamboo

Scientists have discovered the most recent known example of the long-vanished European panda. The species lived six million years ago in the wetland forests of Bulgaria but is thought to have been wiped out by climate change. Intriguingly, experts say that unlike today’s iconic black and white bear, the European panda would not have eaten … Read more

Bread roll, bun or bap? Scientists reveal Britain’s favourite term for its lunchtime loaf

A debate that splits the country like no other – what do you call your lunchtime loaf? These miniature, round loaves have claimed a variety of somewhat regional names, with carb-enthusiasts resolute that their denomination is the ‘correct’ one. Researchers from Lancaster, York and New York universities have collated each of its titles to discover … Read more

Treasure trove of new artefacts discovered from legendary 17th century shipwreck

Divers have revealed new treasures from a legendary 17th century shipwreck that have been hidden beneath the Bahamas’ shark-infested waters for 350 years.  The Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas (Our Lady of Wonders) was a two-deck Spanish galleon ship that sank off the Little Bahama Bank in the northern Bahamas on January 4, 1656. The majority of … Read more

World’s first ‘carbon neutral car’ unveiled that removes carbon dioxide from the air as it drives

Road transport contributes about 16 per cent of global carbon dioxide – but what if our cars could actually start capturing these emissions? Student engineers have unveiled their design for the world’s first ‘carbon neutral car’, which removes and stores carbon dioxide from the air as it drives down the road. Air flows in through a … Read more

New York City to provide Wi-Fi to 191 above-ground subways and 21 Staten Island stations

New York City will provide Wi-Fi to all 191 above-ground subways and 21 Staten Island stations – but the $600 million project will take about 10 years to completeMTA is working with Transit Wireless to add Wi-Fi service to 191 above-ground lines in New York City and 21 Staten Island railway stationsThe $600 million project will … Read more

Amazing spike maps that will change the way you see Earth

Eye-opening population density spike maps have revealed the true scale of how jam-packed America’s coastal areas are compared to its interior – and the staggering detail that New York City‘s five boroughs could hold all the people on Earth if they stood shoulder-to-shoulder. Standard population density maps are colored but flat, so it’s difficult to … Read more

How much of a threat to humanity is falling space junk

Over the weekend, debris from an out-of-control Chinese rocket crashed to Earth over the Indian and Pacific oceans. There had been fears that pieces of the 23-tonne Long March 5B booster could come down over a populated area, but experts had said the probability of this was extremely low. Nevertheless, NASA hit out at China by … Read more

MailOnline reveals most bizarre ‘biohacks’ including man with an implant to make his penis vibrate

Video emerged last week of a man getting the QR code from his Tesco Clubcard tattooed on his wrist, so he never missed out on a bargain again. Dean Mayhew paid £200 to get his wrist permanently inked with the code at a tattoo parlour in Chessington, south-west London. The 30-year-old had become tired of missing … Read more