Too often we deem granted all the wonderful adventures to be had in our home countries, so it’s time to start out looking within your country to stay your wanderlust in restraint.

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1. what proportion your country can surprise you

How much of the country you call home have you ever seen? Every country is crammed with unique treasures and it’s alright under our noses, just waiting to be explored.

When you venture out into your own backyard, you’ll likely be surprised by all the items you’ve never seen before, and you’ll come to understand your homeland even quite you already do. There’s always more to discover!

2. Your culture, history and heritage

One of the foremost important things we gain on our travels is learning about different cultures and histories. But have you ever ever stopped to actually get to understand your own heritage? Whatever you discover , you’re bound to come away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for your own country.

3. you’ve got a way of pride in your country

Your country is quite just where you reside . for several people, it offers a crucial sense of belonging and shared identity. You’ll become an envoy for your country and share all of your wonderful discoveries together with your community and other travellers!

4. Your favourite childhood memories

Maybe it had been your favourite beach as a child or a special walking trail through a forest. once you head back thereto cherished place, you’ll get to spend time reminiscing on happy memories – and even create new ones!

Passports, visas, foreign currencies, exchanging cash, language barriers…. You don’t need to worry about any of those once you travel in your own country. If you’re someone who finds planning international trips stressful, a domestic tour or vacation will offer you room to be more flexible.

5. There’s an adventure around every corner

How often does one take the time to explore your own city? We bet if you stop and really take a glance , you’ll be amazed by all the items you’ll find. You don’t need to visit far-flung shores to experience something new and exciting.

6. You’ll never stop learning or discovering new passions

Travel is one among the best teachers we’ll ever have. It inspires a way of wonder and offers an entire world of fascinating things to try to to and other people to satisfy . you’ll continue learning through domestic travel right in your own backyard.

Whether you explore a replacement neighbourhood, try a replacement cuisine, approach the coast, or strike up a conversation together with your neighbour, you’re sure to encounter an enriching experience.

Your homeland is a component of your story and once you travel in your country, you’ll get to ascertain the larger picture. You’ll start to know where you come from – and who you’re.

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If you’re from New Zealand, you’ll discover our new Limited Series of trips here. And if you’re not? stay , as we’ll be releasing more information on our domestic travel series within the coming weeks.

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