You may be a genius if you can solve strange word puzzle – but fans are divided

WORD puzzle lovers have been left scratching their heads over a tricky challenge revealed on TikTok.

Language fan BLSEnglish revealed a simple word and asks users how it’s pronounced.

Think you can pronounce this word? Think again


Think you can pronounce this word? Think againCredit: @blsenglish

The word in question is: Ghoti.

So how do you think it’s pronounced?

If you said something like “goaty” or “gotty”, you’re completely wrong.

You’ll be surprised to learn that the correct way of saying it is actually… “fish”.

That’s right, “fish”.

How? Well, as the TikToker explains, it’s all about breaking the word up into pieces.

The first two letters, “gh”, are pronounced like the “gh” in “enough”.

Then we have “o” in the middle, this is said like the “o” found in “women”.

And finally the “ti” is pronounced “shh”, as it’s pronounced in “station”.

However, it’s worth pointing out that Ghoti isn’t actually a real word at all.

It’s a well-known creative respelling designed to demonstrate some of the weird irregularities we have in the English language.

And people in the comments on TikTok are divided about it.

“Find me another word beginning with gh at the start which sounds like it’s at the end,” one said.

“There isn’t.”

“So the word GHOST should actually be pronounced fist?” another joked.

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