Keeping our pets cool within the hot summer months are often difficult. First of all we’ve to guess how hot they could be feeling, although panting is usually a sure sign, then we’d like to return up with inventive ways of creating them easier in order that they are doing not overheat.

At The Pet Express we all know how important it’s to stay our dogs temperatures in check . to assist you and your pet to beat the warmth , we’ve put together a number of our favourite cooling products which will make an enormous difference to what proportion you both enjoy the summer sunshine.

Cooling Mats
Activated by the load of your dog, the Rosewood Cooling Mat will maintain a temperature that’s slightly cooler than the ambient conditions. The special cooling material doesn’t need freezing or water to try to to its job, it’ll simply suits how hot your dog is when it lays down. it’s also perfect for rolling up and taking over holiday with you, so your dog will always have how to chill down.

Paddling Pools
With no got to inflate the Rosewood calm down Foldable Paddling Pool, you’ll make certain of a fast and straightforward thanks to keep your dog cool. it’s made up of fortified MDF so there’s no risk of punctures, with a side valve to release the water once you got to fold it away. the right way for your dog to stay cool whilst having some fun within the sun!

Cool Down Beds
The Rosewood Luxury calm down Pet Bed features a unique gel core which can activate when your dog lies down, helping to chill them down and offer some much needed relief from the warmth .

Cool Down Coats
The Prestige Cooling Down Coat is activated by water and is light, cool and soft to the touch. Simply put the coat in water to start out , then because the day goes on the water will evaporate, taking with it the warmth from your dog’s body. This process are often repeated as repeatedly as required throughout the day.

Fresh, cool water should be available for your dog, but especially during the summer months. If the warmth is unbearable for you, it’ll presumably be for your dog also , so always make sure that they need access to shade and to the indoors where they will cool off.

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