The evenings are beginning to get darker and shortly the temperature will start to fall, a symbol that autumn and winter are fast approaching.

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It is the right time to seem into buying your dog a warm, waterproof coat, which can help to form winter walks a touch more enjoyable.

it’ll also help to manage their blood heat on those particularly cold days. Like us humans, dogs are available all shapes and sizes, with one size never fitting all. Here may be a guide which can assist you to live your dog for the simplest fitting coat, just in time for the change within the season.

Make sure that your dog is stood up once you measure them, if they’re sat down then the measurements won’t be accurate. you’ll got to ask someone to assist you if your pooch likes to fidget!

Take your tape from the nape of your dog’s neck (where their collar sits) and run it to the bottom of their tail (where the tail joins the body). there’s no standard format of measurements for dog coats, so it’s best to notice the amount down in both centimetres and inches.

Once you’ve got this measurement for your dog’s body, compare it against the sizing chart for the brand of coat you’re looking to get . Most companies will have a sizing chart, as their sizes and fits may differ to other brands.
If you’re also asked for a chest measurement, simply run your tape round the circumference of your dog’s body, from just behind their front legs.

Some brands will describe their coat sizes as small, medium or large, but will usually be amid a size chart with exact measurements. it’s best to not assume that your dog fits into one among these categories without measuring them first. If your dog falls between 2 different sizes, it’s usually best to choose the larger size.
There are many various coats that you simply can choose between to fulfil your dog’s needs. Many are padded for extra warmth and most are adjustable to suit snugly around their legs. The Danish Design Sports Luxe Dog Coat for instance , features a collar and fastening belts that are fully adjustable. There are reflective and Hi Vis coats too, just like the Outhwaites Waterproof Padded Hi Vis Coat, which is ideal if you choose early morning or late night walks.

Your dog also can make a fashion statement with a brightly coloured, patterned coat like the Cosipet Traditional Tartan Dog Coat, making them the envy of other dogs on your street!

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