How 20 popular McDonald’s items are changing in price – check the list now to find your favourite

MCDONALD’S has announced a major change to its menu – and you might be paying more.

The fast food chain has said that prices will go up from today, which fans were furious about.

McDonald's have announced new changes to their menu


McDonald’s have announced new changes to their menu

The cost of living crisis has seen prices rise across the country for essentials like fuel and supermarket shopping.

And now it includes our favourite giant yellow M franchise too.

McDonald’s will be increasing item prices by 10p or 20p due to rising costs.

McDonald’s UK and Ireland, chief executive officer, Alistair Macrow said: “We understand that any price increases are not good news, but we have delayed and minimised these changes for as long as we could.

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“We will continue to listen to what you want from us and work tirelessly to find solutions to today’s cost challenges affecting our business.”

The items changing in price and by how much will depend.

You could be paying up to 60p more for large meals.

The Sun checked how the prices of 20 most popular menu items would change based on current prices in central London branches.

Some prices will vary across restaurants so it may be an item is priced differently at your local branch – here’s what we found.

Staying the same

Bacon roll with ketchup – £3.39
Hash brown – £1.39
Apple pie – £1.09
Strawberry milkshake – £2.39
Chicken McNugget Happy Meal – £2.89

Gone up in price

Hamburger – was 99p, now £1.09
McFlurry – prices vary but was 99p for mini, now £1.09
McPlant meal – was £5.69, now £6.29 for going large
Fillet o Fish meal – was £5.69 now £6.29 to go large
McChicken meal – was £5.69, now £6.29 to go large
Six McNuggets meal – was £5.69, now £6.29 to go large
Chicken Selects (three piece) meal – was £5.49, now £6.09 to go large
Sausage and egg McMuffin (meal) – was £4.29, now £4.39
Medium fries – was £1.39, now £1.49
Big Mac (meal) – was £5.69, now £6.29 to go large
McChicken Sandwich (meal) – was £5.69, now £6.29 to go large
Large Chicken McNugget (meal) – was £4.19, now £4.79 to go large
Double cheeseburger – was £1.99, now £2.19
Hamburger – was 99p, now £1.09

Some of the items affected are meals.

Breakfast meals include an item of choice with a hash brown and drink.

A standard meal includes an item of choice with fries, a side salad, cucumber or melon bag with a drink.

Meals come in two sizes medium or large, which affect the price.

For example, a Quarter pounder with cheese meal costs £4.99 for a medium and £5.59 for a large.

A McPlant or six nuggets meal is the same price as the Quarter pounder with cheese meal.

McDonald’s have also added four new delicious items to their menu.

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The new menu items include halloumi fries, Emily Downes tried them and said they were better than mozzarella dippers.

McDonald’s have also confirmed that their popular Monopoly game is returning this year with even bigger prizes.

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