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Marta may be a fourth-generation weaver, and one among the last in Italy to still produce Umbrian textile art using traditional looms and materials. We trapped with Marta to find out more about her craft, her hopes for the longer term.

Where in Italy is your workshop located?

Our workshop is found in one among the oldest Franciscan church of Italy, inbuilt 1212. We are within the heart of Perugia, on the brink of the long-lasting Assisi in Umbria.

Tell us a touch about your craft

In our workshop we’re keeping an ancient tradition alive, the fantastic Umbrian textile art which dates back to the center Ages. Our typical production, the Perugian Tablecloths, are represented in famous paintings like Giotto’s, Ghirlandaio’s, Pintoricchio’s, up until Leonardo Da Vinci’s.

What makes your particular sort of weaving unique?

My studio is one among the last weaving ateliers in Italy – and therefore the just one that reproduces medieval Perugian Tableclothes using Jacquard looms from XIX° century.

How long has the weaving tradition been in your family, and the way has it been passed down over the years? From then on, the eagerness for hand-weaving was passed down from mother to daughter, each woman bringing her own experience consistent with her personality and studies.

Now, within the fourth generation, not only am I the director and designer as were the ladies in my family, but also the primary weaver.

What problems have you ever faced in trying to stay this ancient craft alive? Nowadays, it’s hard to seek out people that are willing to find out such a posh and laborious art.

Why does one love sharing your passion and craft guests who visit?

The incredible opportunity to share our mission. By meeting numerous people from numerous horizons and having the ability to inform them about our unique story, we are ready to inform them the importance of keeping the local traditions alive.

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How is that the grant that you simply received from TreadRight being used?

It was wont to realise numerous dreams I had in mind, like repairing the Jacquard looms and their chains of cards, restoring the church’s roof, creating a replacement e-commerce platform, I’d like this activity to become alittle business and not just a “crazy weaver’s” dream: it might become autonomous and permit subsequent generations to form a living from it.

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