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8. an excessive amount of spicy food

When it involves Indian cuisine, most locals love it hot! you would possibly want to undertake out the chilli flavours utilized in Indian dishes, but make certain to start out slow and proceed with caution. an excessive amount of spicy food can act as a light laxative, especially if you’re not wont to it.

The hottest chillies to observe out for are red and green chillies. It’s also an honest idea to find out the local phrase for ‘no chilli’. And confirm you’ve got many antidotes available like bread, yoghurt and plain rice!

9. Paan masala

Paan masalas are marketed as mouth fresheners, but they’re actually a toxic blend of tobacco, areca nut, calcium hydroxide and other carcinogenic flavouring agents. They’re very dangerous to consume, so avoid them in the least costs.

Actor Pierce Brosnan was trapped during a controversy in 2018 when he appeared in an Indian ad for paan masala. He later apologised, saying he was deceived by the corporate , as he thought he was promoting a breath freshener and tooth whitener with all-natural ingredients.

10. Room-temperature food

So you’re at a buffet in India and you’ve followed all the principles so far: No water or ice, no raw fruits or vegetables, and no fiery chillies! the ultimate thing to observe out for is room-temperature food.

You should always avoid any buffets or restaurants that have had food sitting out for an extended period of your time , as this is often a tract for bacteria. Even something as innocent as rice could leave you during a lot of pain, so play it safe!

Tips to avoid getting sick in India

  • Always wash your hands and use hand sanitiser too. the foremost crucial times to scrub your hands are before and after using the toilet , after handling money, and before and after eating.
  • You’re always touching something (door handles, stair rails etc) so always keep your hands faraway from your mouth.
  • Wipe down cutlery, cups and plates with antibacterial wipes before using them.
  • Only erode popular food locations and ask your guide for the simplest recommendations.
    glass of iced tea with ice
  • Avoid using plates, cups or cutlery that are wet (this might be remnants of tap water).
  • Use your own chrome steel straw or maybe bring your own travel cutlery.
  • Try to watch how your drink is being made. While ice won’t enter it, the ingredients may are sitting on ice and are contaminated by it.
  • Ease into eating Indian dishes, because the heavy curries and spices could also be a shock to the system initially .
  • Try to eat the maximum amount Indian cuisine as possible. While travelling in India it’s easy to urge ‘curried out’ but it’s actually much safer to eat local food as against Western dishes, as Indian chefs skills to cook their own food well. Western food in India is extremely hit and miss, and sometimes more likely to form you sick.
  • Indian dishes on banana leaves

What to pack to assist avoid getting sick in India

  • Always stay hydrated, because the hot and sticky weather are often quite exhausting. You’ll got to drink extra water to exchange lost fluids and it’s also highly recommended to bring electrolyte sachets or tablets. do you have to get sick, these are going to be a lifeline for ensuring you don’t become dehydrated. Many hotels in India will provide free filtered water, so also bring your own reusable bottle .
  • Bring saline nose spray as it’s important to stay your nasal passages moist to avoid the germs that cause viruses. It also helps to manage the nose-drying pollution in India.
  • Pack some safe snacks like granola bars from home. They’re great for long journeys or when you’re feeling queasy.
  • Consult your doctor about extra precautions you’ll take before travelling to India. they’ll recommend taking probiotic pills before departure and through your trip to guard your stomach. you’ll also devour some diarrhoea stoppers, pain relief and anti-nausea medication.

Our best tip? Trust your gut

Try to not be too paranoid about what you’re eating in India. albeit you religiously follow all the principles you’ll still get sick, wherever you’re within the world. If you are doing get sick, there’s no got to panic. Remember that it’ll eventually pass and you’ll have your fantastic team by your side to assist you.

The most important thing is to take care of your sense of humour, twiddling my thumbs , hear your instincts and embrace your experience in one among the best culinary wonderlands on earth!

What are your top tips for avoiding sickness and staying well while travelling in India? allow us to know within the comments…

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