Cats are fun, loving, and cuddly creatures. Plus, they’re relatively easy companions. It’s no wonder that they’re the second hottest pet in America, after seafood . In fact, there are about 93.6 million cats in American households!

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month
June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and it’s also the peak of kitten season, consistent with the ASPCA. As more kittens are born, many will find yourself in shelters and can got to be adopted. Many shelters are already filled with animals, as approximately 6.5 million homeless animals find yourself during a U.S. shelter per annum .

Soon, the ASPCA will see a huge influx of homeless and newborn kittens. Curious how you’ll help? We’re so glad you asked!

Volunteer some time . Animal shelters are often trying to find volunteers to play with the animals, take them on walks, and help in various alternative ways . Even an hour or two will help!
Donate supplies or money. Many shelters are in need of cleaning supplies, towels, toys, blankets, and other resources. ask your shelter to ascertain what they need!
Adopt a replacement feline friend. If you’ve got been brooding about adding a replacement furry friend to your household, consider adopting!
Promote it on social media. If you’ve got Facebook or Twitter, plow ahead and promote “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” on your social media pages with links to your local shelter or websites with more information.
Simply say “thank you.” It’s alright if you don’t have the resources to form a donation or adopt a replacement friend. an easy “thank you” to your local shelter can go an extended way.
On the fence about adopting a cat? inspect Thomas Labs’ 6 reasons to adopt a cat!

  1. Low-Maintenance
    Cats are relatively low-maintenance pets, which makes them an excellent option for busy families. they’re naturally independent and don’t require tons of supervision. They also don’t require daily walks, making them ideal for apartment and city dwellers.

Of course, they have the essentials—food, water, a litter box, and veterinary care. And don’t forget to wash their teeth and supply some toys, sort of a scratching post. But you don’t need to bathe cats, as they’re usually efficient groomers.

  1. No got to Housetrain
    Cats just about potty train themselves. you merely found out a litter box, and most cats quickly find out the way to use it. this suggests you don’t need to worry about rushing home before your cat has an accident, and you don’t need to leave within the rain or snow to let your cat out. Win-win!
  2. Entertainment
    Cats are simply amusing. they will spend hours entertaining themselves (and you!) with toys and random home items . Watching your cat play is certain to place you during a good mood.
  3. Often Costs Less
    You can often adopt a cat for a comparatively low fee. The adoption price often includes the value of spaying or neutering, up-to-date vaccinations, and sometimes microchipping. Some rescues and shelters even include a bag of food and other extras, like pet insurance.
  4. Health Benefits
    Believe it or not, there are many health benefits of getting a pet. Having a pet can help reduce loneliness, decrease stress, and boost your mood. Studies have even shown that having a pet has been attributed to lowering vital sign and therefore the risk of heart condition . Plus, having a pet can help decrease allergies and improve the general system in children.
  5. Save a Life
    According to the Humane Society of the us , approximately 3 million pets are euthanized annually , just because there are too many animals in shelters. If you adopt a cat, you’ll be saving a life and giving an animal a second chance of affection and happiness. Making them a part of your family and giving them a forever house is surely a gift! Plus, you’ll open up an area at the shelter for an additional animal which may need it.

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