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Our Mission & Vision

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At DailyLeakers.Com our vision is to assemble a respectable and world class media establishment whose watchword is polished skill and honesty.

Statement of purpose (mission)

Our strategic an online news channel  is to leak that Daily news, a general premium channel turns into the foundation of insightful reporting in Nigeria and Africa.

We will distribute a valid and persuasive channel that will stir the open particularly the administration and leaders into taking activities that will change the political, financial scene and society when all is said in done to improve things.

We will concentrate on business and economy, oil and gas, condition, legislative issues, powerless gatherings – youth, ladies and kids, and offer voice to the quiet dominant part and minority gatherings.

We will utilize DailyLeakers channel to battle any type of foul play and guarantee that no segment of the Nigerian culture is ignored, victimized or left behind in our mission to construct a superior and simply world where fundamental human rights are all around regarded and esteemed.