Anyone with a cat will know that when they are not trying to show your lap, or laptop, into a bed, they like nothing quite to require a stroll outside. Cats are rather independent creatures and whilst many homeowners wish to allow their feline friends to return and go as they please, there’s always a way of apprehension and trepidation once you see them skip and disappear behind the garden fence.


Depending on where you reside , or how security conscious you’re , a cat flap might not be ideal; so if you let your cat out once you leave , and let it in again once you click , it could easily need to spend 6, 7, maybe even 8 hours outside at a time. Without having the ability to regain entry into their home it’s going to be difficult for a cat to seek out shelter should heavy rain start to fall or strong winds begin to blow, and for several folks cat owners that’s not a risk we’re willing to require .


So what are the options? Keep them locked within the house all day if the weather outlook even utters a mention of rain? Quit your job in order that you’re always reception and ready to allow them to out whenever they fancy stretching their legs? Perhaps not, especially when there are far more sensible and humane solutions available; the KatDen Cat Kennel, for instance .

Outdoor Cat House

Made from one piece of cast plastic, these kennels require absolutely no assembly and as there are not any joints or areas where two separate pieces meet, regardless of how old they get they’re going to never spring a leak or develop cracks which permit the wind to sneak in . Additionally, as these kennels are made up of plastic, they’re incredibly sturdy and sturdy because it is. they’re 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, and regardless of what weather are thrown at them they’re going to never deteriorate.

Being made up of plastic gives these cat kennels many advantages, not just for your cat, who can use it as a secure interim home whilst you’re out and going about your lifestyle , but also for you; the one that will need to clean it from time to time. The plastic material from which the KatDen is formed is incredibly easy to wash and can not stain, so regardless of what occurs on the surface , or on the within , you’ll never need to spend long on maintenance.


Though designed primarily for outdoor use, because of their aesthetic design and therefore the colours during which they are available , the KatDen Cat Kennels also look great when placed inside the house . On the opposite hand these cat kennels are made with a really spacious interior, and are quite suitable as a permanent home for outdoor cats.

Made exclusively for The Pet Express, the KatDen Cat Kennel is out there in chocolate, light grey, dark grey, and green. Moreover when you’re placing an order you’ll choose between anybody of six options, from a solo KatDen Cat Kennel, to a package that has the KatDen Cat Kennel and a variety of cat kennel accessories; which include a door, a mattress and a mattress / liner combination.

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