My fat roommate has been trying on my clothes when I’m out – she’s ruined five sets of expensive clothes, I’m fuming

LIVING with another person can be rather like a game of roulette, you could end up with the perfect roommate who always cleans, or you could end up in a living nightmare.

Well one woman shares that she’s possibly ended up with the latter, with her flatmate constantly trying on and ruining her new clothes.

The Reddit user says her roommate has been trying on and damaging her clothes


The Reddit user says her roommate has been trying on and damaging her clothes

Posting to Reddit, the anonymous writes: “Recently, I have been noticing that any new clothes I get are becoming less tight and looser a few days after first purchasing them. 

“It was making me doubt myself if I was the reason for that, like maybe I was gaining weight, and was loosening them when I tried them on myself.”

But as it turns out, putting on weight was not the reason the clothes weren’t fitting right, as she found out when she saw her flatmate wearing some of her new outfits:

“Then I found out that it’s actually my roommate who has been trying them out for ‘a few hours’ when I wasn’t home, I went batsh*t crazy at her, she basically ruined like 5 new sets of expensive clothes.

“They are so loose now because of her fat body and I look so ridiculous and uncomfortable in them as I’m much skinnier than her.”

The woman writes that her roommate tried making excuses saying that the clothes were so nice she just had to try them out, especially as it’s hard for her to find clothes that fit.

She also argued that it wasn’t really a big deal and she didn’t need permission to try on the clothes.

“Let’s just say that things didn’t go well and I decided to get a lock for my closet which offended her and got her on the defensive especially when I called her ‘fat’” finishes the woman.

Commenters on the thread were quick to side with her, with one writing: “It’s your property, and not asking you if they can try them on is kind of an invasion of privacy and a sanitary issue.”

“Who tries on someone else’s clothes, especially EXPENSIVE clothes, without asking? It was mean to call her fat but she has to know you’re not the same size since she’s been stretching out your clothing” added a second.

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While a third argued: “The clothes are yours. You paid for them and they belong exclusively to you. They are not communal property and she had no right to wear them. 

“The fact that you now have to get a lock for your cupboard is ridiculous. You perhaps should have not used the word ‘fat’ but it is what it is.”

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