So you’ve probably heard the mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, and skills to scale back your waste reception – but what about once you travel? It’s easy to fall under the trap of disposable food containers and plastic water bottles once we travel – but it’s even as easy to form new greener habits on our trips. To celebrate Keep Australia Beautiful Week from 17-23 August, here are 7 simple ways to scale back your waste while travelling.

And remember – being an eco-friendly traveller may take a touch work, but if it helps preserve our beloved destinations for hundreds of years to return , it’s all worthwhile .

1. choose reusable containers

Single-use plastics like bags, bottles, straws, utensils and wrappers are incredibly damaging for the environment. They take centuries to interrupt down, and before they are doing , they release toxic chemicals into the land or find yourself within the stomachs of animals, causing great harm to several precious species.

Plastic is everywhere too. Of all the debris found within the trench, 89 per cent were single-use plastics like water bottles and disposable utensils.

Travellers contribute to an enormous chunk of this plastic waste. the great news is that you simply can easily take steps to drastically minimise this. one among the simplest ways to scale back waste is to use reusable containers like canvas or cotton bags, reusable coffee mugs and water bottles, food containers, straws and utensils.

As for beverage , always attempt to refill your own bottle. If you can’t drink the faucet water in your destination, search for water refill stations in hotels, restaurants and airports. Not only will you be reducing waste, but you’ll even be saving some money with these tips!

2. Swap out your toiletries for zero waste alternatives

Do you carry tons of toiletries once you travel? Many products, like scrubs and toothpaste, also are crammed with tiny, harmful microplastics or microbeads that find yourself within the ocean and are easily absorbed into the organic phenomenon , so do yourself – and therefore the environment – a favour by trying to find plastic-free and 0 waste alternatives for your essentials.

Here are a number of the simplest ways to scale back waste with our toiletries:

  • Buy some travel-sized bottles and refill them together with your liquids like shampoo, shower gel, facewash, sunscreen and skincare products whenever you travel.
  • Better yet, get into bars! you’ll buy solid soap bars, shampoo bars, deodorant bars, toothpaste tabs and more. They last longer, use natural ingredients, are spill-proof, multifunctional and straightforward to urge through airport security.
  • Plus you’ll buy them without plastic packaging.
  • Use biodegradable, non-toxic bamboo toothbrushes rather than plastic ones (you also can use bamboo cutlery).
  • Use an all-metal, no-plastic razor and recycle the chrome steel blades.

3. Choose walking, cycling and public transportation first

From planes to cars, buses and trains, travelling generates tons of harmful carbon emissions. the simplest thanks to reduce your waste and minimise your carbon footprint is to steer or cycle. However, walking or cycling isn’t always ideal, especially if you’re unable to steer long distances, the weather isn’t great for walking, or you’re visiting a neighborhood that isn’t pedestrian-friendly. Sometimes you would like to suit the maximum amount into your day as possible when travelling and you can’t reasonably walk or cycle everywhere.

In this case, subsequent best choice is to require conveyance like buses and subways, instead of private taxis. You’ll economize and spare the pollution, plus you’ll still get a more authentic travel experience. you’ll also join a tour and pass coach – it’s one among the greenest ways to travel.

4. Be mindful of your consumption

There are ways to scale back your waste at almost every stage of your trip, from packing your suitcase to spending the night during a hotel – you only need to be aware of your consumption….More ways to scale back your waste while travelling

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