Amazon’s CO2 emissions are INCREASING: Retail giant’s carbon footprint has risen 40% since 2019

Amazon’s carbon emissions grew 18 per cent in 2021, largely due to demand for its services during the Covid pandemic. In a new report, the Seattle tech giant has revealed it emitted 71.54 million metric tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent last year.  This marks a 40 per cent rise, and the third straight year of increased emissions, since … Read more

World’s first ‘carbon neutral car’ unveiled that removes carbon dioxide from the air as it drives

Road transport contributes about 16 per cent of global carbon dioxide – but what if our cars could actually start capturing these emissions? Student engineers have unveiled their design for the world’s first ‘carbon neutral car’, which removes and stores carbon dioxide from the air as it drives down the road. Air flows in through a … Read more

Why Don’t Many Hotels Install Carbon Monoxide Alarms?

Diagnostic confusion also seemed to have played a role in the Sandals case. The night before they were supposed to check out, two of the people who died, Robbie Phillips, 65, a travel adviser who was actually one of the top sellers for Sandals, and her husband, Michael, 68, visited a medical facility complaining of … Read more