Is Bio-Designed Collagen the Next Step in Animal Protein Replacement?

More than 90 percent of collagen and gelatin on the market comes from hogs and cattle, a byproduct of the slaughter industry. The goal of Geltor’s theoretical experiments wasn’t just to generate hype but to convince potential clients they could make products the current supply chain couldn’t. “What if you weren’t constrained by what kind … Read more

The Physician’s Choice collagen peptides powder  is reduced by 20% on Amazon to less than $16

Sip your way to flawless skin and stop joint pain in just two weeks: Amazon shoppers are going wild for the Physician’s Choice collagen peptides powder – now reduced by 20% By Zoe Griffin For Published: 08:18 EDT, 30 July 2022 | Updated: 08:18 EDT, 30 July 2022 SHOPPING: Products featured in this Mail … Read more