Never again will we take a vacation , vacation or trip without any consideration . After everything we’ve been through, we’ll treat all of our travels as “once-in-a-lifetime”. From longer lasting friendships to a replacement love of nature, we” be appreciating these 11 ways an entire lot more on our post coronavirus travels.

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1. Drinks will taste even sweeter

When we travel after Coronavirus, we’ll be so grateful for a delicious drink with a view that we’ll savour every sip and taste every drop. are you able to imagine what that first holiday drink will taste like? little question , the Lemon Granita (lemonade) on Capri Island will taste even sweeter.

2. We’ll appreciate that feeling of sand between our toes

We’ve become so familiar with walking on an equivalent old carpet, floorboards and tiles, that once we travel post Coronavirus, we’ll think we’re five years old again and run barefoot across beaches without a care within the world.

3. We’ll have a replacement fascination for history

After Coronavirus, we’ll be wanting to learn more about the planet and its rich history. Like what’s actually inside the Tower of London? is that the Disney castle real? And who was Mary, Queen of Scots? What we learnt on a zoom quiz is even more fascinating in real world. If you wish history, you would possibly also like – Castles and Manors

4. Friendships will last longer

We won’t take connecting with others from round the world without any consideration . We’ll be more open with others, friendlier and kinder. Conversations are going to be richer, hugs are going to be tighter and friendships will last longer.

5. Pasta will never taste so good

Finding pasta within the supermarket is like finding gold . We all have a replacement found love for this easy carbohydrate. Now imagine what it tastes like, eaten fresh on a sunny afternoon in Florence with a glass of Chianti (not on the couch ahead of the TV)? It tastes tons better, trust us.

6. We’ll laugh with locals like we’ve known them for years

We’ll want to offer back to local communities and businesses that have suffered due to Coronavirus. The connections we form with our Be My Guest hosts and native Specialists are going to be more meaningful. We’ll hear them, learn from them and laugh with them.

7. We’ll travel with a purpose

Having had the posh removed from us, we’ll not take it without any consideration . We’ll spend longer planning, researching, ensuring our visit goes to possess a positive, healing impact. We’ll want to support initiatives just like the TreadRight Foundation and their 50+ projects, including the Wildlife Conservation Society’s ‘Big Cat Conservation’ project.

8. We’ll have a replacement found love for nature

After being cooped up for therefore long, we’ll want to urge out into the fresh air and explore wild open spaces. As we’ve all learnt, spending time in nature is so important for our mental well being. With different national parks on all of our doorsteps, we’ll explore the good outdoors with tons more appreciation and enthusiasm.

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9. We’ll travel with our mental well being in mind

Now quite ever we’ve realised the importance of our mental well being. once we travel next, we’ll disconnect properly. We’ll put down our phone, immerse ourselves in our surroundings, do some yoga, even find out how to meditate. taking care of our psychological state while we’re away will become our top priority.

10. We’ll make our travel memories last longer

We won’t take the travel memories we’ve made without any consideration . instead of leaving thousands of photos on our camera roll, we’ll print them out, frame them, even make a book. We’ll treasure them with joy and provides them the love they deserve. You might also like: 9 ways you’ll turn your old travel souvenirs into works of art

11. We’ll have a replacement found appreciation for our home

We’ll arrive back from our travels with a replacement fondness for our home. We’ll not compare it to our favourite hotel. Because our home has kept us safe and cozy for therefore many months, it’s been our shield from Coronavirus and we’ll always remember that.


After everything that we’ve been through, there’s little question that our first travel experience after Coronavirus are going to be the simplest yet. Where are you most looking forward to visiting? allow us to know within the comments below.

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