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Viral video shows white garment church members singing & dancing TESUMOLE In Church

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Dancing as a mode of worship is a common practice in some religious settings. Although it has been suggested that such dances should be conservative in nature, the reverse is the case in a viral video that is currently trending on social media.

A Twitter user identified as (@Jhaystweet) recently took to the social media platform to share a video of members of a white garment church during a praise session, DailyLeakers.Com

In the video, the lead singer raises a song that instantly throws everyone present into a fit of what could be best identified as a popular street inspired dance step called ‘

The user had posted the video with an admiration for the church members as he had described them as being ‘lit’, which is a street parlance for actions that pass as impressive and satisfying.

He said: “Gbese Ko Tesu Mole Before 2020”

The video which instantly became a viral sensation on the online community was received with mixed reactions. Most users claimed to be in love with what they watched.

Watch Video Below:



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